1820 - 2020

200 years Wieland. Past. Present. Future.

In 1820 Philipp Jakob Wieland laid the foundation stone for today's global Wieland Group with his art and bell foundry.
Entrepreneurship, a high degree of customer orientation and the constant demand to break new ground are basic values that stand for Wieland's success, both then and now. We are convinced that copper is not the material of the past and present, but of the future.

200 years in 200 stories - on our anniversary website 200yearswieland.com!

The stories not only focus on history, but also on the here and now. And because our raw material copper is essential for many megatrends, we also dare to take a look into the future. You can read the first 20 stories on 1.1.2020, after that we will publish further story every other day for the entire year 2020. All stories are assigned to main topics.