The Wieland Group participates in the Swiss energy efficiency start-up Joulia as part of a strategic cooperation

  • > 50% heat recovery from shower water
  • Highly efficient heat exchangers from Wieland
  • Strategic cooperation between Joulia SA and the Wieland Group

With this investment, the Wieland Group enters into a strategic partnership with Joulia SA. The common goal is to scale up the solution developed by Joulia for heat recovery from shower water.

Joulia SA, which was spun off from Creaholic SA in Biel, Switzerland in 2010, develops and manufactures shower drains with integrated heat recovery, which are used in private households as well as in hotels and other commercial buildings. With a Joulia shower drain, a household can recover over 50% of the heat in the shower water, which today usually disappears unused in the waste water at high temperatures.

To achieve this and to meet the different requirements, there are different variants available. However, the core element is always the highly efficient copper heat exchanger from Wieland with special safety tubes. The founders and some Wieland teams have already worked closely together up to the present day.

Today, the Joulia shower drain is the first product of its kind that has both KIWA and DVGW approval for the German market. This shower drain with heat recovery thus becomes an interesting component, from an energy and economic point of view, for meeting the low-energy house standards of the EU.  
The strategic partnership allows the strengths of both partners to be combined. In addition to technical know-how, Wieland also contributes operational expertise to support Joulia. The Joulia team sees the intensified cooperation with Wieland as an opportunity to further optimize and industrialize their technology and production in order to make the high-quality and sustainable solution available to even more customers. This product, which has won multiple international awards, has already been installed several thousand times in the test markets Switzerland and the Netherlands and the roll-out in other countries is currently being jointly planned.

[Image] Joulia shower drain channel with integrated heat exchanger with Wieland copper tubes
[Image] Joulia shower drain channel 

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