Wieland acquires Marjan Inc. and Nasco Incorporated

  • Acquisition initiates the strategic expansion into hot dip tinning in North America, increasing the existing global technology portfolio
  • Expands Wieland’s value chain and service offerings for North American customers

“A terrific compliment to Wieland Metal Services, the acquisition broadens the customer base already served by Wieland’s global distribution network, initiates our strategic expansion into hot dip tinning in North America and brings us closer to the end-user of our products,” said Greg Keown, President of Wieland Metal Services. Wieland Metal Services’ broad geographical presence across North America will be utilized to provide premier supply chain services to end-users.

Marjan Inc., based in Waterbury, Connecticut, and Montgomery, Illinois, offers a range of hot-dip tin coatings to its global customer base. Nasco Incorporated, also based in Waterbury, Connecticut, provides specialized toll slitting services to its customers within the United States. The companies will transition over the coming months, and the new entity will operate as Wieland Marjan.

Wieland is a 200-year old, family-owned global technology and service leader in the brass and copper industry, known for excellent customer service and innovative solutions. The acquisition stems from Wieland’s pursuit of specific growth opportunities, incluiding this transaction implementing tinning capabilities across its existing North American, European, and Asian operations. It also builds on recent momentum from the 2019 merger with Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc. and other strategic deals.

Marjan Inc. and Nasco Incorporated customers and end-users can trust Wieland to continue to meet their needs for high-quality copper, copper alloy, tinning and other value-added services in North America and globally, including access to Wieland’s world-class manufacturing capabilities, reliable distribution network, and excellent customer service.

The Wieland-Marjan transaction closed on July 31, 2020.

[Image] With the acquisition of Marjan Inc. and Nasco Incorporated, Wieland initiates the strategic expansion into hot dip tinning in North America 

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