Wieland ecoline: New lead-free alloy portfolio for a sustainable future

New product line meets individual regulations, enables efficient production and supports customers in future-oriented product development

The new Wieland ecoline alloy portfolio is the result of long and intensive research and development work in close cooperation with a large number of customers from various industries. The alloys meet the high demands on machinability and formability as well as the individual regulations of the application areas. During development, the focus was always on important material properties such as electrical conductivity, corrosion and relaxation behavior. Wieland ecoline meets the individual requirements for efficient production and future-oriented product development and complies with the latest requirements of legal guidelines for lead-free materials.

Four versions of ecoline cover a broad portfolio and meet the requirements for machinability and formability of various applications, such as automotive and drinking water applications, electrical components and high-quality accessories:

ecoline water is optimally suited to the high demands of corrosion resistance, processability and hygiene and is ideal for all tubes, joints and components in contact with drinking water.

ecoline connect offers important processing properties such as machinability and cold formability for all current and signal-carrying
components that also require high electrical conductivity (e.g. sockets and pins for connectors).

ecoline drive provides a wide range of solutions for high requirements and demanding components in motor applications, including hot pressed parts and turned parts in automotive applications.

ecoline accessoires meets the manifold and strict regulations for consumer goods that we touch every day (e.g. pens, keys, glasses, watches, bracelets or musical instruments).

Wieland is the ideal partner when it comes to understanding and complying with the legal requirements for lead-free materials and
offers its customers product solutions and consulting services for a wide range of applications, taking into account relevant customer
processes and existing regulations.


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Fabio Schleicher
Wieland Group | Extruded Products | Director Application Engineering