Wieland K65: Focus on efficiency and resources

The K65 system from Ulm-based Wieland Group is optimized for the special requirements of CO2 refrigeration installations in the food supply chain. Wieland's observation of the market has now shown that the demand for tubes with a pressure resistance of 80 and 120 bar is particularly high in this sector. For this reason, the leading manufacturer of semi-finished products is once again offering tubes of these pressure levels from stock.

For Wieland customers this means that they continue to receive a customized tube without long delivery times and only pay for what is really required. This not only avoids the use of oversized materials and saves resources, but also increases cost-effectiveness. "Both for the 80 bar pressure stage - which is usually used on the low-pressure side - and for the 120 bar pressure stage, demand is rising continuously," explains Christine Flasch, Sales Director Copper Tubes at Wieland. "As we align our range of products to the requirements of the market, it is only a logical consequence to keep these installation tubes in stock".

The natural refrigerant CO2 R744 has established itself in ecologically oriented refrigeration plant concepts in recent years. To ensure efficient operation of CO2 systems, higher operating pressures are required compared to conventional refrigerants - typically between 80 and 130 bar, depending on the system design. Since the K65 system solution, consisting of copper tubes and compatible fittings, is characterized by high pressure resistance, it is specialized for high-pressure applications such as commercial refrigeration systems for cooling food. Another contributing factor is the significantly higher thermal conductivity of copper compared to stainless steel or aluminum.

[Image] The K65 system is optimized for the special requirements of CO2 refrigeration installations in the food supply industry


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