Wieland’s solar park strengthens regional power generation


  • Photovoltaics an important component of the sustainability strategy 
  • Electricity yield equivalent to six percent of the consumption of Wieland-Werke AG in Germany
  •  Production and consumption in the region

Less than ten kilometers away from Wieland’s headquarters in Ulm, one of the largest contiguous solar parks in southern Germany will be built by 2024. The 24-hectare site lies in the neighboring town of Erbach.

"Generating our own electricity through photovoltaics is an essential part of our sustainability strategy," explained Dr. Erwin Mayr, CEO of the Wieland Group. For this reason, Wieland called on landowners to report suitable sites for power generation. "The response was and still is enormous. The site in Erbach is ideal for power generation for two reasons. Firstly, it is practically on our doorstep, and secondly, important construction decisions have already been made, so that we can soon start with the implementation," said Dr. Mayr.

 Annual reduction in CO2 emissions of around 18,000 tons
For Wieland, the planned investment in the west of Erbach is worthwhile - the expected electricity yield of 26 gigawatt hours per year corresponds to six percent of the annual requirements of Wieland Werke AG. In addition, the planned solar park will help reduce annual CO2 emissions by around 18,000 tons. This corresponds to four percent of the Wieland Group's emissions from the use of purchased electricity. "This project brings us another big step closer to our goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2045," added Dr. Mayr. 

The components for the photovoltaic system are to be ordered before the end of this year, with commissioning taking place as early as the second quarter of 2024.

[Image] Simulation of the planned solar park in Erbach with photovoltaic modules


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