Explore the New: Copper Alloy Strip for your individual Connector Requirements


Our recent developments of alloys aim to meet the most challenging requirements of your connectors. With the copper alloys Wieland K58 and Wieland K75 we respond to current trends such as miniaturization and high current connectors with higher strength as well as higher electrical conductivity. Also, capabilities such as ductility and forming for a smooth processability with changed parameters are taken into account.



How to select the best suitable copper alloy for your connector application



Meet our expert on copper alloys for connector strip:
Dr. Robert Zauter gives insights.

The WebSeminar "New Alloys for Connectors" focuses on

- customer requirements for connector strip
- selecting the suitable alloy
- trends & new copper alloys

Deep technical information allows to translate requirements on material properties into the right alloy choice.

Our latest innovations

New copper alloy strip responding to current connector trends

Robert Zauter
Director Technical Marketing Europe