Eucaro 10 – Applications


A wide spectrum of capabilities and easy to work!


EUCARO 10 has a big variety of applications throughout different industries due to its high resistance against multiple media. The withstand properties against seawater and especially the inimitable prevention of biofouling has to be pointed out.


We like to offer our individual advice for any special application or general questions. Its good cold-workability and good welding and soldering properties makes EUCARO 10 easy to work with and quick to be installed even in difficult conditions and offshore environment.


  • Container ships
  • Cruise vessels
  • Dreger
  • FPSO vessels
  • Luxury yachts
  • Tanker



  • Aircraft carrier
  • Corvettes
  • Destroyer
  • Frigates
  • Minehunter
  • Minesweeper
  • Patrol boats
  • Submarines



  • Desalination plants
  • Heat exchanger
  • Firefighting systems
  • Oil riggs
  • Sea water
  • Bilge and ballast
  • Sanitary
  • Fire fighting inert gas
  • Deck steam
  • Cargo tank heating