Wieland Metals, Inc.

Wieland Metals Inc, founded in 1980, is a production site and slitting center for copper and high performance alloy strip and supplies customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico with strip in a wide variety of copper alloys.  Surface treatments for locally manufactured products and services for other Wieland Group products complete the portfolio.


Wieland Metals, Inc. 567, Northgate Parkway, Wheeling
60090-2682 Wheeling
United States of America (UTC-5)
+1 847 537 3990
+1 847 537 4085
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Quality OHS-and-Environmental-Policy.pdf

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Wieland Metals Inc. & Wieland Thermal Solutions Inc.

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Wieland Metals Inc.

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Certificates ISO-45001-2018_Wieland-Metals-Wieland-Thermal-Solutions_Wheeling_EN.pdf

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Certificates ISO-14001-2015_Wieland-Metals-Wieland-Thermal-Solutions_Wheeling_EN.pdf

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Wieland Metals Inc.

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Wieland Metals Inc.

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Wieland Metals, Inc.
567 Northgate Parkway
Wheeling, IL 60090-2682

+1 847 537 3990
+1 847 537 4085

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