The new brand
The new brand

Wieland empowers your success

Wieland is your partner for the challenges of today and tomorrow

Outstanding metal expertise, a broad product portfolio and effective, future oriented services – that’s what Wieland stands for. – Always focused on our customers’ success.

The newly designed brand identity consistently expresses what makes Wieland unique. A clear color, typography and imagery as well as the elements logo, claim and spot make us recognizable by word and image. The Wieland logo has constantly evolved along with the changes of the company. Today, as a pure word mark it reflects the size and efficiency of our company. Modern design, reduced to the essential, builds upon the most valuable asset we have, our good reputation and name. Reaffirmed by the daily commitment of our employees – worldwide.


The new logo was conceived as a pure word mark – with a modern design, reduced to the essential. Hence, the umbrella brand stands for the size and capabilities of our company. Worldwide.

With a strong worldwide network of production and service companies, Wieland is one of the global players in the copper business. As a specialist for semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys, with a deep understanding of the needs of its customers, Wieland has long established itself as a major player. The design is now even more proof of Wieland's quality leadership on a global scale.

Empowering Success.


Focusing on the essential – a prerequisite for innovative solutions.
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