About Wieland

Greater efficiency, reliability and sustainability – our pledge for your success

As the copper and copper alloy specialist at the top of the world league, we provide support for our customer’s success from many locations and continents – backed by a reliable, flexible supply network and the best services of unvarying quality. In response to the global challenges of our time such as climate change, digitisation, and minimised draw on resources, we design our products, services, and technologies to provide sustainable and innovative solutions.

We know how to listen – and so we can offer our business partners exactly what they need. To us, metal is more than material. Backed by our indepth understanding of copper and the manufacture of semifinished products, we can also provide solutions to the growing requirements for material properties and miniaturisation, never failing to convince our customers now for nearly 200 years.

Wieland. Empowering Success.

Wieland in Brief
Based on Pro forma financials FY 2018/2019 including Global brass and Copper
Wieland in Brief
Wieland in Brief

What makes us special:

We find answers to the challenges of the future

Our employees convince you – with expertise and dedication

We develop continuously – copper alloys, processes, and products

We live responsibility