The Management

The Board and the ExCom (Executive Committee)

The top management of the Wieland Group is organised in the globally responsible Executive Committee. This consists of the Board, the managers of the seven business units, Strategic Business Development, and Human Resources.

The Board

CEO Wieland Group
Dr. Erwin Mayr CEO Wieland Group
CFO Wieland Group
Gregor Tschernjavski CFO Wieland Group

and the Executive Committee

Matt Bedingfield
President of Recycling Wieland North America & SVP Global Metal Supply

Michael Demmer
SVP Strategy and Business Development & CIO Wieland Group

Devin Denner
President BU Wieland Chase

Olaf Görtges
President BU Rolled Products, SVP Wieland Group

Bernd Graßhof
President BU Thermal Solutions, SVP Wieland Group

Gregory Keown
President BU Wieland Metal Services & Wieland Rolled Products North America

Dr. Matthias Pauly
SVP Human Resources Wieland Group

Harald Reck
SVP Manufacturing Services Wieland Group

Roman Vorndran
President BU Engineered Products, SVP Wieland Group

Anton Zierhut
President BU Extruded Products, SVP Wieland Group