Engineering Development Program

The Next Generation of Problem Solvers


Wieland, like many other companies in heavy manufacturing sectors, faces a challenge in hiring and retaining qualified new graduate engineers to keep pace with employee retirement and turnover within the industry.


As a global leader, Wieland has decided to take action and make the commitment to invest significantly in the growth of the future generation of industry leaders through our comprehensive engineering development program.

What makes us special?

Our products, services, and technologies provide sustainable and innovative solutions to today‘s global challenges such as climate change, digitalization, and resource conservation.

We listen closely and work collaboratively with our customers to develop solutions for automotive, aerospace, refrigeration, air conditioning, and many other industries.

Are you the right fit?


Engineering disciplines
Wieland North America is searching for the next generation of problem solvers in the following fields: mechanical, electrical, materials science, metallurgical, industrial, and chemical.

Future career roles

  • Plant Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Metallurgical Engineer
  • Quality Engineer

Practical experience
Throughout the engineering development program, you will connect with a variety of leaders within Wieland and learn through practical experience. We are looking for engineers of all disciplines to innovate new solutions for sustainable operations; to design, build, and commission such solutions, and then to optimize and maintain them over their lifetime.


  • 200 year-old family-owned business focused on thriving for the next 200
  • Copper and copper alloy producer: we recycle, cast, roll, extrude, and distribute copper and other metals
  • Over 9,000 employees worldwide
  • Global headquarters in Ulm, Germany
  • North American headquarters in Louisville, KY
  • Sustainability-focused


Rotational Program - Cohort 1


If selected, you will participate in a two-year rotational program to receive broad, yet in-depth, hands-on training in Wieland operations and culture. The rotational program will include shorter stints at our headquarters in Louisville, KY (North America) and Ulm, Germany (Global) followed by longer stints at various Wieland North America Business Unit (BU) sites where you will engage in specialized education and training.


Selection process and timeline

September 2023

  • Recruiting process begins on-site at various college campuses
  • Initial interview with the EDP Director and Wieland Talent Acquisition team on campus for top candidates
  • If selected to advance, follow-up interviews will occur with operations/engineering leaders/managers virtually or in-person
  • Interviews and offers will occur on a rolling basis until we reach our target of 20 qualified candidates
  • Cohort will likely begin in late June 2024, following all graduations

June 2024

  • Two weeks at our North American HQ in Louisville, KY
  • Focus on core curriculum
  • Tour new Recycling and Refining Center in Shelbyville, KY

July 2024

  • 6-8 weeks at our Global HQ in Ulm, Germany
  • Focus on specific curriculum
  • Tour BU sites and facilities in Ulm and Vöhringen, Germany

September 2024

  • 9-12 months at your assigned primary site
  • Hands-on project work for practical experience

August 2025

  • One week in-between primary and secondary site to regroup the cohort for additional training

September 2025

  • 6-9 months at your assigned secondary site
  • Hands-on project work for practical experience

Curriculum Overview


The EDP will feature a core curriculum for every member of the cohort plus a focused curriculum for your specialized field. The focused curriculum will feature cross-pollination to provide exposure within other fields to fully understand the breadth and depth of Wieland operations and the heavy manufacturing industry.

  • Safety and Culture
  • Sustainability
  • IT/Systems
  • Copper Metallurgy
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management I
  • Wieland Operations, Markets, and Products
  • Lean Manufacturing

Plant/Maintenance Engineers

  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • Systems Engineering
  • High Voltage/Energy
  • Six Sigma Troubleshooting Tools
  • Atmosphere Control
  • PLC Programming 



  • Casting Processes
  • Hot and Cold Rolling
  • Extrusion/Drawing
  • Milling 


Process Engineers 

  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Defect Detection
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Six Sigma Troubleshooting Tools 


GE Project Engineers 

  • Project Management II
  • Project Cost Estimation
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) for Facility Layout


For more information on compensation, mentoring and how to apply, 
see our PDF booklet or contact us directly

EDP Team