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Trade Show Visitors - Wieland Group


Status: 11/07/2022



1. (Joint) Responsible entity

Wieland-Werke AG, Graf-Arco-Strasse 36, D-89079 Ulm, Germany, is the joint controller processing your contact data with the companies of the Wieland Group. It is legally represented by its Management Board. You can find more details about the Management Board on our website ( The locations, contact details and authorized representatives of the other jointly responsible Wieland Group entities can be found on our website at


2. Data Protection Officer

Wieland-Werke AG has appointed a data protection officer (“DPO”). You can reach the DPO by e-mail (, by letter to the address listed under point 1 (please send to the attention of the DPO), or via our online data protection portal (


3. Purposes, data sources, location and legal bases of processing

We process the personal data you provided during your visit to the trade show (specifically your 'business card data', e.g. name, telephone number(s), e-mail address, company) in order to contact you after the trade show to inform you about Wieland and its products and services, and to provide answers to any questions you asked.

As the Wieland Group is an international company, we may transfer your personal data to Wieland entities outside the EU / EEA, including countries where no adequacy decision exists (e.g. USA). In some cases, these countries have a lower level of data protection than in the EU / EEA. In order to minimize any potential risks to your personal data, we have established internal Wieland Group regulations to ensure an adequate level of data protection in these countries. Insofar as you consent to data processing for the purpose of us contacting you, your consent therefore also expressly includes any risks that may result from the transfer to these other countries.


Your personal data is processed on the following legal grounds:

  • Consent (we are contacting you by telephone / by e-mail / letter per your request).  See Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b, Art. 49 para. 1 lit. a GDPR.
  • Contract initiation. See Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b, Art. 49 para. 1 lit. b GDPR.


4. Recipients of your personal data

We do not transfer your personal data to third parties outside the Wieland Group unless required, e.g. due to legal requirements, or you have consented.


Other Wieland Group entities may regularly receive your personal data.


5. Retention Period

We store your personal data for long as needed to fulfill the purpose for which you provided it. Your personal data will be deleted automatically five (5) years after the end of the year of our last contact with you. Insofar as we process your business card data in the context of contract initiation, the storage period is based on the statutory retention periods, which is usually 10 years, beginning with the year following the contract’s conclusion.


6. Your Rights

You have a number of rights related to your personal data detailed below.


The easiest way to exercise your rights is to use our online data protection portal: reach.


You can also contact us, Wieland-Werke AG (and any company of the Wieland Group jointly responsible with us), by letter  or email (see Section 2 above).


  • Right to information - You can request information from us at any time for any reason about your personal data.
  • Right of rectification - You may request corrections to incorrect data about you.
  • Right to erasure or restriction of processing - You may request that we delete or restrict the processing of personal data relating to you. Please note that legal retention periods may prevent us from immediate deletion. In this case, we restrict the processing to the extent possible and will automatically  delete it after the expiry of the legal retention period.
  • Right to object to processing - If the processing is carried out on the basis of our overriding legitimate interest within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) lit. f GDPR, you may object to the processing at any time (this will be effective moving forward). If the processing is carried out for advertising purposes, you do not have to justify your objection.
  • Right of data portability - You have the right to receive the data provided to us in a structured, machine-readable format.
  • Right to revoke consent - You have the right to revoke a consent given to us for the processing of your personal data at any time and without justification with future effect.
  • Right to complain to a supervisory authority - You have the right to contact the data protection supervisory authority at any time. Our DPO will also be happy to help you.


7. Provision of the data

You are not obliged to provide personal data, however, the Wieland Group will not be able to contact you.


8. Profiling

We do not perform any profiling using the personal data collected from you and do not make any automated decisions based on it.