Data sheet


Wieland-G14: With increasing tin content, the hardness, but also the impact sensitivity increases. The load capacity is above that of G12.

Composition (standard values)

Sn      13.5 %
Pb      0.7 %
Cu      Balance

Material designation

Wieland       SB7
DIN              not standardized                     (old standard 1705)


Max. load

Suitable for operating pressure of min. 450 bar


Types available

Machined slipper shoes


Tube dimensions for machined bushings

continuously cast       OD up to 200 mm

above please enquire


Density [g/cm3]8.8
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20 - 300 °C) [10-6/K]18.5
Thermal conductivity [W/m*K]46
Modulus of elasticity (20 °C) [GPa]92
Hardness [HB]120
Tensile strength Rm [MPa]330
0.2 %-proof stress Rp0.2 [MPa]250
elongation [%]8


1 MPa = 1 N/mm2

Steffen Schimanek
Head of Sales – Slide Bearings