Data sheet


Wieland-SC5 is a high strength special brass (kneading material). Ideally suited for use in aluminium pistons. Also for highly loaded spherical bearings in construction machinery etc.

Composition (standard values)

Cu     66 %
A l      5%
Mn     5 %
Fe      3%
Ni      2%
Zn     balance


Material designation

Wieland                   SC5
Patented material


Max. load

ca. 200 MPa in the motor area


Types available

Machined bushings


Tube dimensions for machined bushings

OD up to 100 mm
others please enquire

Wall thickness depending on the OD

Density [g/cm3]7,8
Coefficient of
thermal expansion (20 - 300 °C) [10-6/K]
Thermal conductivity [W/m*K]25
Modulus of elasticity (20 °C) [GPa]110
Hardness [HB/HRB]200
Tensile strength Rm [MPa]700
0.2 %-proof stress Rp0.2 [MPa]500
Elongation A5 [%]7


1 MPa = 1 N/mm2

Steffen Schimanek
Head of Sales – Slide Bearings