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Finished parts

Mold Manufacturing

Finished parts

Material designation

Do you need finished parts according to drawings? Here, too, we are your competent supplier.

We offer you for example:

  • electrodes and other accessories for resistance welding technology
  • input material for die-cast pistons and finished pistons
  • semi-finished products made of highly conductive copper-based materials for tool and mould construction
  • parts made of refractory metals

Components from Elmedur

Our Elmedur materials are particularly versatile. We produce parts from them according to drawings - and of course also individual parts. All according to your wishes and requirements.


No matter which electrodes you need: Among our large selection of standard electrodes you will find the right one for your purposes. We manufacture electrodes from hardenable copper materials, which are very hard and at the same time highly conductive. They are ideal for applications in which high electrical currents are transmitted under high mechanical loads.

Mold Manufacturing

Material designation

WielandEN DesignationEN-No.ASTM-UNS-No.
Elmedur B2CuBe2CW101CC17200
Elmedur HACuCoNiBeCW103C~C17500
Elmedur HCCuNi2BeCW110CC17510
Elmedur NCSCuNi2SiCr~CW111CC18000
Elmedur XCuCrZrCW106CC18150

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