Safety data sheets for ingots


Wieland-Werke AG supplies semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys as well as ingots for remelting in foundries. For semi-finished products we provide information sheets for articles, for ingots safety data sheets.


Ingots of copper and copper alloys are mixtures in the meaning of the REACH regulation. For these mixtures we provide safety data sheets below:


Aluminium BronzesDEEN
Lead BronzesDEEN
Copper SiliciumDEEN
Copper Silicium ZincDEEN
Copper Zinc SiliciumDEEN
Copper Zinc Silicium (ECOCAST)DEEN
Brass with NickelDEEN
Brass (not dezincifaction resitant)DEEN
Gunmetal (low nickel)DEEN
Special BrassDEEN
Special Brass leadfreeDEEN
Tin BronzesDEEN