Sustainable production in harmony with man and nature

As a company employing energy intensive processes, sustainability has always been very important to us. Above all, the safety of our employees is of paramount importance, followed by the demand to manufacture in a resource-conserving manner and thus to preserve our environment for future generations. We live these values internally and externally in order to offer our customers products for a sustainable future.

With our competence team for environmental and climate protection, we are pioneers in the non-ferrous metals industry. As a metal-working company, we use energy-intensive equipment for production. This is why we pay particular attention to using all types of energy as sparingly and efficiently as possible. With our expertise in energy efficiency, we create resource-saving production processes and use 80 percent recycled material. All our copper products are 100 percent recyclable - without any loss of quality.

Our sites are often located in the immediate vicinity of residential areas, natural areas and water bodies. This is another reason why we take protection from noise and keeping water, air and soil clean very seriously. In addition, we contribute our knowledge to shaping a sustainable future with industry and society. Our customers use our products to manufacture applications that protect energy and the environment, for example:

  • The use of high-performance tubes in heat transfer makes it possible to reduce energy, installation space and refrigerant charge quantities. In this way, the CO2-footprint can also be reduced.
  • Copper components for electric mobility increase the efficiency of the drive train and enable precise battery management.
  • Meshes of copper alloys for aquaculture reduce the environmental impact.
  • Wicoat coatings extend the life of a wide range of industrial components.
  • Copper tubes used in building facilities are durable and meet the stringent standards for drinking water installations.

This is how we understand responsibility:


Safety first: We put people first

Our employees are our most important resources. Accordingly, it is our declared long term goal to prevent accidents of any kind!

We provide for a safe and healthy working environment. Our workstations fulfil or exceed the applicable standards. By introducing health promoting measures, we support our employees in maintaining actively their health.

Raising our employees’ awareness: The safety alert

Protection for you too: Safety for visitors

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Saving and using energy efficiently

Our production comes with a responsibility that we have taken very seriously from the outset. The energy transition in Germany has increased our social obligation, but has also developed our role further: A number of our products are of central importance for future fields like e.g. electromobility, new forms of energy, and data transmission lines. We therefore not only see recycling, energy savings, and energy efficiency as a cost aspect, but are forcing these issues ahead out of conviction.

All of our investments take energy efficiency and environmental protection into account. As a result, we achieve energy savings of nearly 5000 MWh a year. We reduce CO2-emissions by just under 2500 tonnes a year. Alone our Vöhringen plant can return about 2000 MWh of waste heat back into production every year.

Our future heating concept “Wärmekonzept Zukunft” won us the 2018 LEW innovation award for intelligent energy (“LEW Innovationspreis: Intelligente Energie”). This award distinguishes ideas and measures that are exemplary for pioneering projects in climate protection and the efficient use of energy.

LEW award
LEW award LEW board member Dr Markus Litpher (r) hands over the LEW Innovation Award cup and certificate for third place to Benjamin Schwarz (l) and Eckhart Zimmermann of Wieland-Werke AG. (Photo: LEW/Bleier)

What is “Wärmekonzept Zukunft”?

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Protection of resources and recycling

The best way to protect resources is to manufacture products with a long service life. Components of copper are extremely durable and long lived. On the energy saving and environmental side, recycling is the most sustainable method for protecting resources. Consequently, recycling is an important issue for which we, together with our partners, have been developing processes successfully for many years. This applies not only to the copper materials we use in the main, but also to our packaging.

Recycling of copper and copper alloys

Return of packaging material

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Environmental protection: Clean soil and air, and less noise

Worldwide we produce in the direct vicinity of residential areas and open bodies of water. For this reason too, we attach great importance to the protection of water and soil and to noise abatement. We uphold this claim with a great many countermeasures. Constantly.

Protection of soil and waters

Protection against immissions

Protection against noise

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Safe, reliable, and conflict-free input materials

As a manufacturer of semifinished products of copper and copper alloys, Wieland enjoys an outstanding reputation in the sector. As our business partner, you purchase from us a great many products of copper and copper alloys. We set strict standards in our choice of suppliers.

Registered raw materials: REACH – Reliable information from Wieland

Verified confirmation: RoHS

Conflict free: Why is the origin of our raw materials so important?

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Certified quality management systems

Responsibility begins with a high standard of quality. The first company for semifinished products in Europe, we have been progressing along the way to certified quality management since 1987.

Today, all of our production works have been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016, the high standard of the automotive industry. In addition, individual works in the Wieland Group have a number of additional certificates.

Certificates for environment, energy, and work safety

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