Made for extreme coldness. 


Are you looking for a tube that is made to withstand freezing temperatures? A tube that is equally suitable for your air conditioners and heat pumps? A tube that is ideal for transporting natural and synthetic refrigerants?

The branded copper tube by Wieland is the perfect solution for all your various needs. The special feature of tubes is the cladding, which prevents the build-up of condensation and energy losses. Thanks to the sealed tube ends of the tubes, the high internal cleanliness is maintained until installation.


Copper as a material is an investment in the future. Long life, sturdiness and universal applications are what make copper so special and offer you a wide range of possible applications. As the world market leader for semi-finished products and system solutions made of copper, Wieland is your qualified partner and offers you customized solutions.


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- 30° celsius

Extreme cold


Quality and safety

+ 105° celsius


Standard dimensions

permanently in stock

  • clean and dry inner surface until mounting
  • standard dimensions available from stock
  • good workability, simple connection technology, particularly easy to unroll and bend
  • resistant, true-color insulation maintains constant material properties in all weather conditions
  • prevention of condensation through insulation layer
  • requirements according to PED/Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

The tube is made of a seamless drawn Wieland cold pipe of the cuprofrio family with a heat-insulating coating. This tube is especially easy to unroll and bend. This is possible because the heat-insulating jacket is already applied during production.

The factory-made thermal insulation reduces energy losses. Furthermore, the insulation reduces the chance of air humidity condensing on the tubes outer surface.

The excellent tear resistance of the coating proves its worth on construction sites, for example, when passing through wall openings. Other advantages of this material are low thermal conductivity and high resistance to water vapor diffusion. is designed for installation in buildings, underground installation is possible with additional protective measures.


Learn more is particularly suitable as a tube for transporting natural and synthetic refrigerants in

  • Air conditioners
  • Heat pumps

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