Heat Transfer Data Books

From basic heat transfer to the latest advances in heat transfer design


Written by engineers for engineers: The Heat Transfer Engineering Data Books represent a comprehensive summary and detailed insights useful for heat transfer and research engineers as well as for a University students regarding heat transfer challenges from ACR to Process Technology applications.


Originally compiled by Wolverine Tube Inc. and by Prof. John Thome, this reference in the heat transfer community is now available in a new edition for a service fee, facilitating further research work and documentation of this kind.


We would like to extend our thanks you to Prof. John Thome as well as to all involved at Wolverine Tube Inc. for offering this vast knowledge.

The Heat Transfer Data Book II

Fundamental heat transfer and application know-how

by K. J. Bell and A. C. Mueller

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The Heat Transfer Engineering Data Book III

Enhanced heat transfer design methods for tubular heat exchangers

by John R. Thome

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