Wieland invests in innovative surface technology

Wieland expands its business model with coating technology for metal surfaces.

• The coatings made of silicon-dioxide are extremely thin.
• Particularly complex surface structures can be easily protected.
• Modularization of coating equipment will put Wieland Group in the position to provide their services at the customers’.

The Ulm-based Wieland Group is expanding its product portfolio to include innovative thin film coating technology. With an investment of further 6 million euros, the leading global supplier of semi-finished copper products will significantly expand its activities with innovative wicoatec thin film coating technology over the next two years.

“Raising SiO2-based coatings for metal parts to an industrial level represents an ideal supplement to the Wieland Group's product portfolio.”, says CEO Dr. Erwin Mayr. As a group-owned start-up company, Wicoatec GmbH can thus offer its customers the entire value chain – from the idea stage to series production.

In order to meet the great demand for the patented Wicoatec technology the capacity currently being built up will be tripled. Possible applications for the coating range from machinery & plant technology, petrochemical as well chemical industries through to water and medical technology.

The patented Wicoatec coatings step in where conventional coating processes fail to provide any added value. The organo-ceramic coatings are chemically bonded to the metal and improve corrosion resistance as well as physico-chemical surface properties. They are used for uniformly and completely coating the complex geometries of metal foams, 3D structures in heat exchangers or interior surfaces.

Through the modularization of the production plants, the Wicoatec technology will become mobile in the next two years and will come directly to the customer. For the customers, this expansion of the business model of the Wieland Group leads to less logistics, increased flexibility and additional optimization potential in the supply chain.


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Dr. Till Merkel
Managing Director