EUCARO 10 (CuNi 90/10 – CuNi10Fe1,6Mn)


Copper-nickel alloys are among the most corrosion-resistant copper materials. Our brand name EUCARO 10 is the benchmark for CuNi90/10 alloys.


We have further developed the standard trade material quality of CuNi10Fe1,6Mn with regard to better processing and longer-term durability, to be able to better exploit the advantages of our material.


Through the optimisation of the alloy components and the minimisation of impurities such as sulphur or phosphorous, our customers receive tubes, flanges and fittings that are fit-for-purpose.


  • excellent corrosion resistance, especially against seawater
  • good welding and soldering properties
  • good cold-workability
  • good thermal stability (up to approx.300° C)
  • resistant to stress corrosion
  • no biofouling
Mechanical propertiesEUCARO ® 10
 F 30F 32
0,2 % proof stress(Rp 0,2), N/ mm²100 – 180160 – 220
Tensile strength (RM), N/ mm²300 – 400320 – 420
Elongation A5 %> 30> 25
Brinell hardness HB 10 (D²/2,5/62,5)70-9080-100
Physical PropertiesEUCARO® 10
Density (20 °C), kg/ m³8 900
Specific Heat (20 °C), kg/ m³377
meltinge range, °C1 100 – 1 145
Thermal conductivity (20 °C), W/mk50
Coeff. of linear exp. (20 - 100 °C), 10-6/K17
Electrical resistance (20 °C, annealed), microohm cm19
Modulus of elasticity (20 °C, annealed), GN/m²138
EUCARO® 10CuNi10Fe1,6Mn
(CW 352 H)
2.1972CW 352 HCN 102UNS 7060xC 70600CuNi10Fe1,6Mn
(CW 352 H)
Designation CuNiFeMnC*Pb*S*Zn*P*ZrSnCoOtherDensity kg/ dm³
EUCARO® 10min.Rest10,001,500,508,90


The reduced impurities in EUCARO10 are an important factor in achieving considerably improved weldability.