Sustainable solutions for fish farming

Aquaculture plays a key role in the management of world food supplies and the growing demand for fish. The BlueSea products from Wieland help to organise farming into a business that is as environmentally friendly, sustainable, and low cost as possible.

One of the greatest challenges facing today’s aquaculture is the protection of the environment. Most cages are made of artificial fibres like nylon. These materials are not only scarcely recyclable and contribute to the plastics pollution of the oceans, but are also highly susceptible to biofouling, or the encrustation of their surfaces. They therefore need complex and expensive maintenance. Furthermore, this susceptibility to fouling places a great strain on the fish living in the cages. This, in turn, leads to complex treatment, placing even greater strain on the fish and retarding their growth.

Our solution

Backed by its knowledge of design, mechanical systems and material handling and its expertise in copper, Wieland can offer an environmentally friendly solution with Wieland BlueSea products.

The Wieland BlueSea brass mesh is resistant to corrosion and extremely durable. Even after two years in seawater, the meshing does not deform and retains its original mesh size.

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Your benefits with BlueSea products from Wieland

  • Thanks to the natural properties of Wieland BlueSea brass, our products are environmentally friendly in that they reduce cleaning and hence maintenance over the whole lifecycle.
  • The cages improve water flow and circulation and provide for a high oxygen content, reducing in turn the necessity of treating the fish.
  • The high mechanical strength of the special brass cage resists attack from predators and the large forces generated by waves and currents, and so reduces the number of escaping fish.
  • Fish farming then not only becomes sustainable and ecological, it also increases returns, lowers costs, and improves the health of the fish.
  • Wieland BlueSea nets can be installed virtually anywhere, also offshore.
  • The brass is fully recyclable even after years in saltwater – so the metal value is retained over the whole service life.


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