Elmia Subcontractor 2018 | November 13. – 16. | Jönköping

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At Elmia Subcontractor, Wieland presented its entire product portfolio of copper and copper alloy solutions - for more efficient and ecological end products

The focus at this year's Elmia Subcontractor was on the premium product for high-performance machining: the precision brass bars W5000 and W5006. Efficiency - a requirement that is playing an increasingly important role today. This applies equally to classic materials such as machining brass, which has proven its worth for decades. Narrow alloy tolerances, fine and uniform lead distribution, long tool life, evenly drawn surfaces are just a few of the properties of the Wieland quality brass rod.

Quality features that speak for themselves.

Wieland supplies quality products across its entire product range and has set itself the goal of being an exemplary partner for its customers. Its expertise and know-how enables Wieland to meet a wide range of customer requirements and needs.

Solutions on how you can

  • achieve significantly higher machining speeds with precision brass rods on state-of-the-art automatic lathes
  • maintain hygiene standards, especially for clean drinking water,
  • use heat transfer even more efficiently

We are looking forward to continue our discussion on your individual challenge!

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Elmia Subcontractor 2018


Kristin Sailer

Our trade fair highlights

Premium product high-performance machining

The Wieland precision rod W5000 meets the highest requirements with a significantly higher straightness than specified in product standards. This allows markedly higher machining speeds to be achieved on state-of-the-art automatic lathes

Our precision brass rods

Lead-free drinking water

The lead-free machining brass ECOBRASS is excellent for further processing by machining, forging and cold forming. Available in the form of bars, wires, profiles and tubes.

Our environmentally friendly machining brass

Security of supply

Installation tubes can be used in a variety of applications such as drinking-water installations, cooling and heating, transportation of medical gases and other industrial applications.


Our industrial tubes

Uniquely efficient

Finned tubes from Wieland Thermal Solutions are manufactured from smooth tubes using a rolling process. They enable you to realise highly compact, efficient and yet robust heat exchangers.

Our finned tubes

Simple. Natural. Cool.

Simple and proven processing technology through soldering, cost reduction through material savings and outstanding heat transfer properties are one of the advantages of our K65 copper tubes.

Explore our K65 copper tubes

Service and solutions

With a range of more than 100 different copper alloys, the Wieland Group offers optimum product solutions for numerous industries. Swarf and scrap are taken back by Wieland and returned to the production process.

Best quality. Better service.