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Accessories for Heat Exchangers

Insulating sets for electric insulation from hot water tanks


Enameled hot water tanks are usually fitted with magnesium or impressed-current anodes to protect inadequately coated areas of the steel vessel against pitting corrosion. To maintain this protective effect, we recommend the use of insulation sets to ensure electrical separation of the heat exchanger from the storage tank. Retrofitting of hot water storage tanks is possible at any time.



The insulating set F (for flange mounting) consists of an insulating sleeve and an insulating ring. For an outside seal it is fitted between the heat exchanger and the storage tank flange as shown in the figure. Alternately a sealing from the inside is possible. If the flange is less than 8 mm thick, an additional distance washer might necessary. Two sets are required per heat exchanger.

The insulating set F is available for following connection dimensions: ½“ | ¾“ | 1“

The max. operating temperature is + 95°C.

Part no. Description Material
1 Finned tube GEWA-D Cu-DHP | K21
2 Connection CuZn40Pb2 | Z48
3 Insulating sleeve PA
4 O-ring EPDM
5 Insulating ring POM-CE
6 Hollow disk CuZn40Pb2 | Z48
7 Hexagon nut CuZn40Pb2 | Z48

Accessory set is only supplied with insulating sleeve and insulating ring

Insulating set HT

Insulating set HT (for connecting pipes only) consists of a plastic insulating nipple, a gasket and a brass screw fitting.
The inside and the outside thread of the insulating nipple must be fully supported and discharged to ensure reliable operation of the connecting pipes. The insulating nipple has to be firmly screwed into the brass screw fitting so that a reliable seal is formed with the inside gasket.

The insulating set HT is available for following connection dimensions: ½“ | ¾“

The max. operating temperature is + 95°C.

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