Wieland BlueSea Mesh


Corrosion resistant and recyclable: Meshing for fish farming cages. Wieland BlueSea is a special brass that is resistant to estuary and sea water and exhibits outstanding corrosion resistance and a high mechanical strength. This material was developed specifically for the manufacture of meshing and cages in maritime fish farming.

The natural properties of copper are an environmentally friendly measure against encrustation in sea water. Owing to their copper content, all BlueSea products are fully recyclable, even after years of use. This form of aquaculture promotes fish farming with fewer antibiotics and greater reliability, for brass meshes are less susceptible to damage and encrustation.

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BlueSea Mesh

BlueSea brand meshing is resistant to corrosion and extremely durable. Even after two years in seawater, the meshing does not deform and retains its original mesh size. The wire diameter shrinks on average by just 2–3%. All mechanical values are similar to before.

Example measurements:

Mesh size Wire diameter Weight per m2
15 mm 2.5 mm 6,8 kg
20 mm 3.0 mm 7.2 kg
25 mm 3.0 mm 5.5 kg
30 mm 4.0 mm 8.3 kg
35 mm 4.0 mm 6.9 kg
40 mm 4.5 mm 7.7 kg
45 mm 4.5 mm 6.7 kg

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