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Wieland offers a wide range of products to improve reliability and thermal efficiency in electronic cooling, maximizing thermal & pressure drop performance.

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We design and manufacture the best performing and most cost effective cold plates for liquid cooling available today. Our innovative cold plates use our patented Micro Deformation Technology (MDT) inside and typically feature friction stir welded (FSW) construction however other joining methods such as vacuum brazing are available.  We offer two lines of standard cold plates as well as semi custom and custom cold plate options.

Our cold plates are perfect for: high power electronics, inverters, DC-DC converters, wind inverters, solar inverters, automotive, hybrid and electric vehicles, waste heat recovery, thermal electric (TEC), MRI amplifiers, power supplies, variable speed drives, locomotive, traction drives, agriculture machinery, lasers, RF amplifiers, data center, CPU, GPU, and chillers.

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Micro Deformation Technology (MDT)
Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
Manufacturing Technologies


Our 3000 Standard Cold Plates Series come in both Standard and XP varieties. Our Standard Cold Plates have 12 fins per inch, and our XP Standard Cold Plates deliver extreme performance with 20 fins per inch.

IGBT Cross Reference Table for CP 3000 Series

Product NameModule SizeModule NameModule NameModule NameModule NameSize (mm)
CP 30013X 122x62Infineon EconoDUALSemikron SEMIXPowerEx NX 160x227
CP 30021x122x162Infineon EconoPACKSemikron SEMIX33PowerEx IntellimodFuji M629160x198
CP 30031X SKIM 93Semikron SKIM93   205x198
CP 30041X SKIM 63Semikron SKIM63   205x198
CP 30053X Prime PACK 3Infineon PrimePACK3Fuji M272  305x308
CP 30063X Mega DualPowerEx Mega Power DualMega Dual  205x511.5
CP 30071X 140x190ABB HiPAKFuji M152/156  160x225
CP 30081X 140x130ABB HiPAKFuji M256/M278  160x168
CP 30093X 62x108Infineon 62mmSemikron SEMITRANSFuji M127/M234/M235MicroSemi SP6/D3/D4130x225
CP 30103X Prime PACK 2Infineon PrimePACK2Fuji M271  305x308
CP 30123X XM3 53x80mmWolfspeed CAB450M12XM3Wolfspeed CAB400M12XM3  100 x 195

High-power modules require excellent thermal performance and dependability, therefore adequate cooling is critical for reliable operation. We offer excellent thermal dissipation for high power electronic components by offering a series of high performance base plates.

IGBT base plates
Standard and Custom base plates
CLAD base plates

Semi-conductor chips or isolating substrates can be soldered directly to the MDT base plate eliminating the thermal interface layer (TIM), the largest thermal barrier in a power electronic package.

Wieland Microcool brings decades of experience both engineering and manufacturing enhanced boiling surfaces. Our MDT™ technology fills the unique application of both pool boiling or flow boiling.

  • 245fa Refrigerant
  • 3003 and 1100 Aluminum
  • Brazed Construction
  • Micro-Channel Evaporator
  • Multiport tube/Folded Fin Condensor

Able to cool a 100W processor case to 70C with an air Inlet temp of 20C with only a 10 CFM (1.5 m/s velocity) flow.

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