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Bringing movement into play: slide bearings from Wieland. Serving numerous applications, they can be found in technically sophisticated combustion engines as piston and connecting rod bushings or rocker arm pins. Wieland slide bearings are also used in bearings for modern axle and brake systems, transmissions, differentials and hydraulic pumps, as well as in oscillating elements such as booms or gripper systems on construction and agricultural machinery.


The products are manufactured in different versions according to your wishes. In cooperation with you, we work specifically on new and further developments of our products. We attach great importance to a modern and economical production.

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Solid lubricants

Thrust washers

Turned bushings

Rolled bushings

Special parts

Depending on the requirement, our solid lubricant pockets are designed for movement in axial and radial as well as for movement in two sliding directions at the same time. These solid lubricant pockets are made of different bearing materials such as Carobronze or Alcaro.


  • Maintenance-free / low-maintenance
  • Cost savings (no costly lubrication systems)
  • No contamination by oil or grease
  • Seawater-resistant
  • No stick-slip
  • Temperature-resistant
  • According to your specific drawing, information and quantity
  • High flexibility through made-to-order production

Particularly suitable for medium to high load

  • with simultaneously low sliding speeds, oscillating movements, intermittent operation
  • in applications where oil and grease are not desired


  • Plain bearing bushes
  • Thrust washers
  • Bearing pads
  • Drawing parts


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Steel works
  • Rolling mill machinery
  • Locks and weirs for surface and underwater engineering
  • Industrial furnace manufacturing
  • Food- and packaging machinery
  • and much more


With over 150 active alloys we offer you a great range of materials - find the right solutions for your application.

Thrust washers are manufactured from Wieland strip, tubes, and rods. In particular, washers punched out of strip material are very economical in large quantities. You can order thrust washers made from strip as well as tubes and rods in almost every dimension and material. The design can be customized.

With over 150 active alloys we offer you a great range of materials - find the right solutions for your application.


Dimension range:

  • With plain running surface up to 155 mm diameter
  • With lubrication indents up to 110 mm diameter
  • In standard thicknesses of 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 and 3.0 mm
  • Other sizes upon request

 Further designs:

  • With grooves
  • With safety dogs
  • As a segment
  • Curved / Convex

New piston designs have become necessary due to legislation for pollutant emission of diesel engines. These design changes result in rising temperatures in the combustion chamber of the engine, with hot tensile strength and hot hardness of the bushings becoming increasingly important.

Bushings made of Wieland-SB8 and Wieland-SC5 are particularly suitable for the reinforcement of the piston eye.

Bushings in Wieland-SB8 and Wieland-SC5:

  • are particularly suitable for aluminium pistons
  • are wrought alloys (important: no casting) which are hot and cold worked
  • have excellent hot tensile strength
  • have outstanding oil corrosion resistance
  • have dynamic load resistance up to 170 MPa, with Wieland-SC5 even more than 170 MPa.

Plain slide bearings are used in slide bearing applications where adequate lubrication is guaranteed.

Possible designs:

  • Slide bearings with plain surfaces and flange
  • Additionally with grooves and holes for lubricant supply

In the field of special parts, we specialize in the manufacture of assemblies made of different material combinations as well as in the manufacture of other milled and turned parts, screws, nuts, thread inserts, etc. These products are made of different materials such as copper and aluminum alloys as well as partly steel and cast steel.


  • Assemblies made of different material combinations
  • Milled and turned parts
  • Hot-stamped parts
  • Screws
  • Nuts


With over 150 active alloys we offer you a great range of materials - find the right solutions for your application.

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