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The right alloy, geometry, and strength – precise and efficient: simply Wieland. Rods and profiled rods are used in a wide range of applications, extending over forged sanitary fittings, lock cylinders and turned parts for machine construction. You can choose from a virtually unlimited number of sizes and geometries.


Special alloys tailored to your specific application are recommended by our Applications Engineering experts. 

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Our rods and sectional rods at a glance.

Wieland Slaskie

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Sectional rod


ecoline®: Lead-free solutions

Forging Stock

Wieland EN Designation EN No. ASTM UNS-No.
K18/K32 Cu-ETP CW004A C11000
K20/K21/K28 Cu-DHP CW024A C12200
K30 Cu-OF CW008A C10200

Wieland manufactures solid and hollow copper sections in a wide range of sizes. Featuring contours close to the final geometry, these sections help you obtain your finished parts in just a few operations. Together with you, we develop complex sections of copper from the draft to the initial prototypes to series production.

Wieland ecoline is our answer to enable your future business: the lead-free product line fulfills your individual needs for an efficient production and future oriented product development. And is, of course, compliant with the latest requirements of legislative directives on lead-free materials.



Drinking water is our most important food. The quality of drinking water must be of such a high standard that it can be enjoyed without restriction throughout life. For this reason, ever stricter requirements are being imposed worldwide on materials that come into contact with drinking water. The appropriate selection of materials and products for drinking water installations is therefore extremely important. Technical, economic, but especially hygienic and health aspects play a major role.
Copper alloys have proven themselves technically and hygienically billions of times worldwide in drinking water installations and will therefore continue to be the basis for clean drinking water in the future.

Here you will find detailed information on ecoline water – please contact us if you have any questions.

All current Guidelines for lead-free materials are summarised in the Regulations.


Lead-free alloys for all parts in contact with drinking water


Wrought alloys - special brass

WielandEN-designationASTMFabrication propertiesRegulations*
 DesignationNo.UNS-No.MachinabilityCold workingHot workingCorrosion resistance 
ecobrass SW4CuZn21Si3PCW724RC6930580%goodexcellentIn accordance with ISO 6509DWD, SDWA


* Conformity as of 03/06/2020

DWD: Drinking Water Directive (Europe)
SDWA: Safe Drinking Water Act (USA)


Wrought alloys - brass

WielandEN-designationASTMFabrication propertiesRegulations*
 DesignationNo.UNS-No.MachinabilityCold workingHot workingCorrosion resistance 
eco M41®CuZn38AsCW511LC2745050%goodfairaccording ISO 6509DWD, SDWA
eco M57®CuZn42CW510L-70%less suitableexcellent-DWD,SDWA


* Conformity as of 03/06/2020

DWD: Drinking Water Directive (Europe)
SDWA: Safe Drinking Water Act (USA)


Cast alloys

WielandEN-designationASTMFabrication propertiesRegulations*
 DesignationNo.UNS-No.MachinabilityCorrosion resistance 
eco GS1®CuSn4Zn2PS-C-GC**--70%In accordance with  ISO 6509DWD, SDWA
eco SW3®CuZn21Si3PCC76SC8785080%In accordance with  ISO 6509DWD, SDWA


* Conformity as of 03/06/2020
** Material not standardized in EN

DWD: Drinking Water Directive (Europe)
SDWA: Safe Drinking Water Act (USA)

Apart from intent or gross negligence, we accept no liability for their correctness in terms of content. The product characteristics are not guaranteed and are no substitute for advice from our experts.

Wieland hot stamping rods 

Good forging results can be obtained only when all links in the process chain have been matched to each other to the optimal effect. With Wieland hot stamping rods you are offered a forging stock which comprehensively fulfils these requirements. Your benefits: uniform dark surface for reproducible processing properties, tight diameter tolerances in the drawn size range, and hence precise configuration of the slug weight.

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