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Protection of resources and recycling

The best way to protect resources is to manufacture products with a long service life. Components of copper are extremely durable and long lived. On the energy saving and environmental side, recycling is the most sustainable method for protecting resources. Consequently, recycling is an important issue for which we, together with our partners, have been developing processes successfully for many years. This applies not only to the copper materials we use in the main, but also to our packaging.


Recycling of copper and copper alloys

Copper and copper alloys are fully recyclable – again and again without sacrifice to quality. As a result, our foundry can easily remelt  single-variety material returned by customers. This we use intensively. The proportion of material recycled in this manner is nearly 80%! Semifinished products we manufacture from scrap release up to 90% fewer CO2-emissions than the production of virgin metals.

Return of packaging material

We recycle the most diverse packaging materials or reuse them several times, e.g. wooden crates. For twenty years, our packaging material returns have afforded an essential contribution to the protection of nature and the environment. This helps us to protect valuable resources equivalent to a wooded area 27 football fields in size – every year!

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