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Indispensable input stock for complex applications. Our rolled products are used to make plug connectors, metal goods, and elements for semiconductors, from the smallest integrated circuits to power electronics components.


The knowledge invested in the plain input stock is often the basis of our customers’ success. So that the copper alloy fulfils exactly your specific requirements, whether for conductivity, surface quality, temperature resistance, or relaxation resistance, we offer you not only a suitable range of materials to choose from, but also and above all: advice. Together we therefore mould the future – in the semiconductor and equally in the automotive and electronics industries. 

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Sheets and Plates

Sheets and Plates

We can offer you a wide range of materials, geometries, and surface qualities to choose from. Many geometries are available from our sheets stores.


Material designation

Wieland EN Designation EN No. ASTM UNS-No. JIS-No. Dimensions
K19 Cu-DHP CW024A C12200 C1220 on request
K32 Cu-ETP CW004A C11000 C1100 on request
* Material not standardized in EN

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Manager Extruded and Drawn Products
Wieland France
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Sales Sheets
Wieland France
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