Wieland Metal Services Germany GmbH

Wieland Metal Services Germany is the result of the merger of the previously independent trading companies Wieland Fudickar, Prometa, Duro and SMH. With this step, the companies are bundling their product know-how and expanding their portfolio and services in order to support you even better in the future. This includes the expansion of the sales network with additional locations in Eastern Germany and Bavaria for reliable and flexible delivery.

With Wieland Metal Services Germany you have a partner with regional roots and benefit from the many years of experience in metal processing of the globally active Wieland Group.
The merger of the four companies underlines the claim and ambition of the Wieland Group to play a leading role in the trading sector in Germany as well.

  • Full range supplier for copper alloys
  • Wide range of processing capabilities
  • State-of -the-art warehouse logistics with short delivery times
  • Regionally based
  • Specialized in recycling solutions
  • Production of all types of drawing parts


Wieland Metal Services Germany GmbH Graf-Arco-Straße 36
89079 Ulm

Germany (UTC+1)
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Officials (Prompt)
Cu (Settlement)
9,563.00 USD/to
Zn (Settlement)
2,786.00 USD/to
EUR (Bid)
1.06590 USD


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